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Learn the facts about outsourcing!

Did you know? Safety, service and personnel problems are nothing new to for-profit school bus companies such as First Student. These issues, as repeatedly reported in the news, are the occupational end result of privatizing and maximizing profits; profits that leave the community to which they originate from, never to return. We must realize that for-profit corporations will always act in their own self-interest! A quick look around our country reveals that outsourcing jobs is not a long-term economic solution. Bristol Township and many other school districts across the country are now saying, “selling our bus fleet ended up being a short term solution that has left us with no existing way to regulate our outsourced transportation cost or operations”.

For Profit School Buses In The News - Learn More!

Do you think? The Pennsbury School Board majority will guarantee the Pennsbury Community that outsourcing transportation and selling our bus fleet is our best long-term solution? Five years down the road when the short-term enticement contract has expired and we have spent the proceeds from selling our bus fleet, pointing fingers as to who was responsible will be nothing more than a symbolic jester. At this point, it will be too late; the permanent damage to our school district and community will already be done! The cost of purchasing another fleet of school buses will be to expensive. Alternatively, let’s insure that our school board builds on the concrete solutions available now that guarantee our district cost savings while preserving control of our school district’s destiny, exclusive of short-term politics.

Did you know? Pennsbury Support Professionals have never participated in any work stoppage or strikes against the district unlike private run transportation services have. The fact is, the Pennsbury Support Professionals were there for the Pennsbury School District, students and our community when asked to help contain daily operations for our students during the teacher's strike in 2005! Pennsbury Support Professionals have always maintained an excellent cooperative working relationship with the school district, because we are vested caring members of the Pennsbury Community!

Did you know? The Pennsbury Support Professionals agreed to a wage freeze and to double their contributions in the area of health care last year. This will save the district and taxpayers $1.7 million dollars over three years in addition to the $700,000 dollars saved by the district when Pennsbury Support Professionals agreed to a health care change that the school board requested in the month of April in 2012. That's over $2.3 million dollars in guaranteed savings from just the support staff alone without any change in quality, safety or disruption in services. This was rejected by the school board majority last year.

Did you know? Less than 10% of Pennsbury's $176 million dollar annual budget is used to pay hourly wages and benefits for all Pennsbury Support employees! “Does anyone really believe that outsourced workers who are accountable to an outside agency rather than to the school district itself could provide the overall consistent level of quality service our students deserve?”

Did you know? The Bristol Township School District board members drafted a letter to the current Pennsbury School Board majority in September of 2011, outlining the pitfalls they have experienced by outsourcing their transportation services. They also offered to extend further information regarding their decade of experience with outsourced transportation. Why did the Pennsbury School Board majority ignore this opportunity to gain valuable information?

Read The Letter from BTSD Board of Directors!

Did you know? A new study by the Keystone Research Center recommends in-sourcing school transportation operations to save taxpayers millions! Let's make sure our school board knows the true facts about outsourcing in PA!

Read The Report!

Did you know? When the final actual cost that the district has spent on the RFP to outsource transportation is made public, we are going to find that the district spent many times more than what was stated for information Bristol Township School District offered to provide for free!

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